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LiveIn Smartphone

LiveIn2, this is the simplest remote control there is,
the one that’s always within easy reach!

How to use

Whether you’re at home or on the move, the LiveIn2 app lets you control your home’s devices with a smartphone or tablet and customize your installation according to your needs.

Discover all the possibilities in the section “customize” … and let us guide you with our video tutorials!

I'm interested

I want to test my compatibility

Consisting of a box LiveIn2 and a free mobile app LiveIn2, to enjoy LiveIn2 service you will need
checkpoint Have a compatible
mobile device
iphone ipad

Android 5.0 Minimum


iOS 9 Minimun

With Wifi or 3G / 4G Internet access for remote control
checkpoint Have an internet box
at home

With RJ45 ethernet port

checkpoint Have compatible
hz_technology hz_technology
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The LiveIn2 solution offers multiple possibilities for controlling to help you get exactly what you need from your home
For more information, refer to the complete manual to download or contact us.

Technical support


SIMU helps you in discovering and customizing the LiveIn2 solution.
Live a connected experience with simplicity and peace of mind!

You are a professional

SIMU designed the LiveIn2 solution to be the easiest to resell and install. You will be able to make a LiveIn2 installation from the mobile application in complete autonomy, without having to create an account.

Whether you are a manufacturer or an installer at the client place, you can configure the devices very simply. The user will then only have to create his user account and customize his installation with scenarios, clocks, …


An installation mode flexible to allow the installer to manage all installation cases.
Help screens to assist in the configuration of devices and possible problem solving.


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